Integrated Approach

In a world where time is precious and decisions have major long term consequences, we provide invaluable support and a unique perspective. Our approach is simple: We get to know as much as possible about our clients’ needs, goals and desires. The more we know, the better our ability to advise and provide solutions.

Our detailed due diligence process allows us to review, comment and make recommendations on every aspect of our clients’ financial affairs. Whether it’s reviewing their business strategies and devising succession plans, or understanding their professional practice we understand. Our unique process focuses on their wealth preservation, income and retirement planning, charitable giving and legacy planning. We are unbiased in our advice and are not incentivized to provide any one specific product solution. We are, and will remain, truly objective and diligent in our approach. We pride ourselves in serving with true integrity and always putting the interests of our clients above all else.

1Phase One of our process involves a detailed discovery interview, review and question and answer session. The more information we obtain, the better our understanding. The better our understanding, the more value we can provide.
2Phase Two involves the preparation and presentation of an analysis, strategy, plan and roadmap which takes into account specific needs and objectives. Risk profile, family circumstances and time horizons are carefully assessed. Numerous planning options are considered and presented in a simple, practical and easy to understand format. Clients are able to make informed decisions in their best interests.
3Phase Three involves adopting and implementing a structured plan and strategy. Our strength lies not only in our ability to generate objective creative plans and solutions for our clients, but more importantly in the implementation, execution and continued review of our recommendations. Experience has taught us that a plan alone is of no value or consequence, without diligent implementation and ongoing monitoring.