Planning Solutions

At ProfPlan we offer a wide variety of insurance, investment and financial solutions to meet our clients’ sophisticated needs.

The review of our clients’ circumstances includes discussions on risk and risk tolerance, income replacement strategies, creditor protection, tax efficiency, investment strategies and enduring retirement income solutions. We will carefully consider insurance and investment strategies to both protect and enhance current and future financial success.

You know better than anyone the amount of work that it’s taken to build and achieve what you have; now let us work with you to nurture, preserve, grow and manage your success.

Insurance Solutions:

We offer the complete gambit of life, disability, critical illness and long term care insurance. Through our affiliations with all the major insurers in Canada, we offer term or permanent insurance products depending on a client’s personal circumstances. Any insurance recommendation will be based on a comprehensive analysis of client’s specific and evolving circumstances taking into account the most competitive industry solutions, rates, and independent risk analysis.

Ideal Financial Planning Model

Ideal Planning Model

Typical Income Cycle

Income cycle

Investment Solutions:

We offer a full range of investment offerings either directly or through our licensed affiliates.

Where clients’ circumstances dictate guaranteed investment solutions, or creditor protection planning we will consider insurance based strategies.

Financial Solutions

Our solutions are holistic and plan driven. All recommendations are carefully considered, reviewed, discussed and tailored to our client’s unique and specific needs and circumstances.


Financial planning